April 14, 2015

Field Service

It is the mission of QMG to promote safe and effective use of medical equipment in the health care environment.

QMG has adopted the Mainspring Asset Enterprise performance, electrical safety, and preventive maintenance system. This system provides reference procedures, which are readily adapted to the services provided by QMG. This system also includes software components to help QMG biomedical technicians to establish and manage service history tracking. The referenced procedures are available to the technicians through printed procedures and a checklist. Using the inspection and preventive maintenance system QMG can continue to improve the quality of service while remaining within the constraints of the contracted services.

Each device-related procedure contains background information, detailed instructions and pass/fail test criteria. This checklist is used by technicians to guide them through the PM process. Device specific procedures and -checklists are keyed to the QMG preventive maintenance inspection form. All PM procedures, which are adopted by QMG and are contained within a database program, are designed with reporting and service tracking features. The pass/fail inventory inspection report is generated and given to the customer.

It is the belief of QMG that to keep pace with an ever changing health care environment we must maintain a flexible, criteria based program that meets or exceeds local, state and national regulatory agencies including but not limited to: TJC; OSHA; NFPA.