Ensure Accurate Pulse Oximeter Readings with the Masimo Rad-8

Ensure Accurate Pulse Oximeter Readings with the Masimo Rad-8

From critical care facilities to the doctor’s office, it’s crucial that the medical professionals have equipment that provides them with accurate vital information. There are four primary vital signs that are measured – body temperature, blood pressure, pulse (heart rate), and respiratory rate. The oxygen saturation level, which is the level of oxygen in your blood, is often considered the fifth vital sign and is measured using a pulse oximeter. Pulse oximeter readings indicate how well your heart is moving oxygen through your body. 

An individual’s oxygen saturation level can be affected by a variety of medical conditions including asthma, anemia, pneumonia, lung cancer, congenital heart defects, heart attack or heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Accurate pulse oximeter readings are a crucial part of diagnosing and monitoring these medical conditions.

When treating these types of diseases, pulse oximeter readings can be used to assess how effective different therapies are including lung medications, the use of a ventilator and other supplementary oxygen therapies. These readings can also be used in assessing an individual’s ability to tolerate physical activity or to monitor oxygen levels during or after surgical procedures that require sedation.

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Pulse Oximeter Readings with The Masimo Rad-8

There is a multitude of pulse oximeters on the market from clinical to home models. Some are more complex, delivering benefits beyond simple pulse oximeter reading, like the Masimo Rad-8. The Masimo Rad-8 consists of a clip-like sensor that can be attached to the patient’s finger, connecting them to the device. Small beams of light painlessly pass through the blood in the finger, measuring the oxygen saturation level through changes in light absorption. 

This professional pulse oximeter is ideal for measuring oxygen saturation levels in any clinical setting as well as in the patient’s home. It features Masimo SET technology which is scientifically and clinically proven to provide accurate pulse oximetry measurements during motion and low perfusion. It is perfect for both continuous monitoring and spot-check applications and also features a ‘Home Mode’ that allows for safe and accurate in-home monitoring. The Masimo Rad-8 is equipped with RadNet and RadLink interface capability for multi-patient remote monitoring. It also features ‘Adaptive Probe Off Detection’ which provides enhanced protection against erroneous pulse rates and arterial oxygen saturation readings when a sensor becomes detached from the patient. The Rad-8 is available in horizontal and vertical configurations and boast numerous other features including:

  • Perfusion Index (PI) indicates arterial pulse signal strength and may be used as a diagnostic tool during low perfusion
  • Low Signal IQ® (SIQ) indicator highlights conditions of low signal quality
  • FastSat™ tracks rapid changes in arterial O2 with high fidelity unlike any other pulse oximeter
  • Sleep Mode easily configures the system to perform bedside studies
  • 2 second averaging in sleep mode
  • Adjustable averaging 2 to 16 seconds
  • Nurse call interface
  • Up to 7 hours of internal battery life when fully charged
  • 72 hours of trending memory
  • Compatible with Philips Vuelink device interface module
Masimo Rad-8

Masimo Rad-8 Maintenance and Repair

Under normal operation, no internal adjustment or recalibration is required. Safety tests and any

internal adjustments, including installing or replacing the battery, should only be done by properly trained biomedical equipment technicians. Safety checks should be performed at regular intervals or in accordance with local and governmental regulations.

As with any medical equipment, it is important to make sure that the Masimo Rad-8 is properly maintained, operating at peak performance and providing the most accurate pulse oximeter readings possible. At Quality Medical Group, our team can handle the maintenance of your Masimo Rad-8 devices in addition to all your other biomedical devices. We specialize in respiratory equipment and are certified preventive maintenance providers for Respironics Trilogy ventilators. We are also an authorized warranty service center for Vyaire/Carefusion/Pulmonetics. 

Quality Medical Group provides depot service, nationwide, and field service within the Mid-Atlantic region. We are proud to partner with our sister company, Infiniti Medical Solutions, to offer our customers convenient equipment rentals of all the products we service. Both companies provide excellent customer service, making them one of the most trusted medical equipment companies in the healthcare industry. Contact us today for top-quality service of Respironics Trilogy ventilators and all your biomedical equipment. 

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