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Quality Medical Group can repair all of your facility’s medical equipment. We are an authorized warranty service center for Vyaire/Carefusion/Pulmonetics and are certified preventive maintenance (PM) providers for Respironics Trilogy ventilators. We specialize in respiratory equipment.

Philips Respironics V60

The Philips Respironics V60 ventilator is our gold standard hospital dedicated noninvasive ventilator. With advanced breath delivery technology and algorithms designed to maximize performance in a leak prone environment, V60 adapts to your patients’ ventilation needs.

Philips Respironics Trilogy 100 + 200

Light, versatile and easy-to-use, that’s the Trilogy portable ventilators at their essence. With their light weight and proven technology, Trilogies make invasive and non-invasive treatment less complicated for a wide range of adult and pediatric patients

Philips Respironics Trilogy 202

The Trilogy 202 is both a volume-control & pressure-control ventilator for invasive and noninvasive ventilation. Versatile breath delivery and setup options provide greater continuity of care.

Vyaire/Carefusion LTV-1000

A portable ventilation system approved for transport and military use.Much smaller than comparably equipped ventilators, the LTV® 1000 ventilator is a conveniently portable advanced ventilation system for patients weighing at least 5 kg (11lb).

Vyaire/Carefusion LTV-1150*

An adult and pediatric patient pressure control and pressure support without a high pressure oxygen source. The LTV® 1150 ventilator provides portable, advanced ventilation for adult and pediatric patients at home or a post-acute care facility.

Vyaire/Carefusion LTV-1200*

The LTV® 1200 Series ventilator supports adult and pediatric patients weighing at least 5 kg (11 lb) in patient transport, ER and emergency response with invasive or noninvasive ventilation pre-sets. The ventilator provides a wide range of ventilation therapies to meet demanding patient needs, including volume control, pressure control, pressure support and spontaneous breath types.

Masimo Rad-8 Pulse Ox

Masimo Pulse Oximeters are noninvasive, arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate monitors. The Rad-8 family, pictured, features a multicolored LED display that continuously displays numeric values for SpO2 and pulse rate.

Vyaire Revel®

The ReVel® portable critical care ventilator provides high-performance ventilation on the fly for pediatric to adult patients weighing at least 5 kg. From initial emergency to the ER, the ReVel ventilator is your trusted ally for ventilation.

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