For most facilities, employing in-house healthcare technology management is a luxury their operating budgets simply can’t support. Quality Medical Group offers temporary biomedical staffing solutions to provide the experienced staff you need, when and where you need it, without significantly increasing expenses. Our biomedical professionals are cross-trained engineers that emanate from various equipment backgrounds including:

General biomedical




Versed in medical terminology and trained in healthcare environments, our service engineers possess strong leadership skills, are highly accountable and assume responsibility for their individual performance, reports, and accuracy. Temporary staffing augmentation can be an effective solution in the event of:  

Large preventive and corrective maintenance projects

Including Unexpected Workloads, Surprise Absences and Disability, Regulatory Inspections, and Staff Reductions

Inventory validations

RFID Tag implementations

New facilities’ physical inventory

Relocation and new device staging

Medical Device Profiling (MDP)
for Cyber Security

In addition to providing supplement staff, our service engineers can also provide professional coverage during staff absence or shortages due to training, vacations and personal, medical or military leave. Quality Medical’s temporary staffing solutions can be tailored to fit a facility’s specific operational needs.

Equipment service
done right

Contact us with your questions, and we will reach out shortly.

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