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Arizona is home to two divisions of the Mayo Clinic – one in Scottsdale and one in Phoenix. Dedicated to both patient care and research, quality biomedical equipment and maintenance service is essential. With 20 years of experience in the industry, Quality Medical Group provides biomedical equipment management in Arizona as well as all the lower 48 states. With four locations, centrally located in the Mid Atlantic region, we offer depot service nationwide.

To keep pace with the constantly evolving industry of healthcare technology, facilities need to partner with a biomedical equipment management company that offers quality service tailored to their specific needs. At Quality Medical, we understand this and are passionate about providing the best biomedical management service possible, allowing our clients to significantly enhance the level of care offered to their patients. Much of the equipment we rent and maintain is life support specific, such as Vyaire, Carefusion and Pulmonetics ventilators. We also handle the preventative maintenance of Respironics Trilogy ventilators. We do not take these responsibilities lightly and are committed to meeting our client’s needs quickly and efficiently while maintaining the high-quality service we have become known for.

Our team of 20+ biomedical technicians are highly trained and share Quality Medical’s mission to provide quality biomedical equipment management that facilitates client growth. We partner with Infiniti Medical Solutions, Stonebridge Medical, and Trimed Medical Supplies to provide our clients with up-to-date biomedical equipment. We are proud of the level of service we provide and have forged long-lasting partnerships with many of our clients. 

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