Biomedical Equipment Technology: The Modern Medical Ventilator

Biomedical Equipment Technology: The Modern Medical Ventilator

Biomedical equipment technology has made some enormous strides over the course of the 20th century. It wasn’t that long ago when we were putting Polio victims in iron lungs in order to enable their continued breathing throughout the rest of their lives. But advances in positive pressure ventilation have made past treatments look almost archaic. Now it’s common for recipients of ventilator treatment to live active lifestyles instead of being confined to a chair or bed.

Biomedical equipment technology is part of the exponential growth of innovation, and it makes sense. The pace at which medical devices are advancing allows for constant testing and implementing of new treatments for patients. With these advances comes more options for patients’ overall health, safety, and quality of life. Let’s go over some of the more important and exciting advances in modern medical ventilation devices.

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Monitoring Capabilities

Perhaps one of the most crucial advances in medical ventilators and biomedical equipment technology as a whole has been the incorporation of data visualization. Monitoring capabilities on ventilation equipment has become so advanced that critical issues can often be curtailed before they even have a chance to manifest. If a recipient of ventilation treatment is no longer breathing manually, receiving entirely too much ventilation therapy or some other serious problem, a host of warnings and visual indicators are now present. These warnings will alert healthcare professionals to adjust or downright change and optimize a patient’s treatment plan. These data monitoring components in current biomedical equipment technology also record and log detailed information about past treatments. This allows medical professionals to strategize treatment regimens for patients who present with similar respiratory diagnoses or medical histories down the line.

Calibration Options

If issues arise or better treatment plans are determined while treating patients, biomedical equipment technology professionals can now easily calibrate and alter settings on medical ventilators. It has never been easier to adjust oxygen/air ratios and run specialized therapy protocols for patients with unique respiratory problems. Rather than a “one size fits all” approach to medical ventilation, each recipient is able to receive their own unique treatment plan. In conjunction with monitoring capabilities, this makes it significantly easier to make informed decisions in the care of patients with respiratory complications.

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Machine Learning

While still in its early stages of development, machine learning and artificial intelligence are expected to become commonplace tools of the trade in biomedical equipment technology and the healthcare industry in general. Machine learning protocols are capable of:

  • Recording and dissecting huge amounts of data at a time
  • Determining patterns
  • Gaining insights
  • Presenting an informed summary of, and potentially providing a solution for, the information it has gathered

This allows for acute and precise respiratory patient care due to the ability to closely inspect and provide treatment suggestions for a ventilation recipient. For instance, integrating machine learning and A.I. with respiratory calibration and monitoring tools in biomedical equipment could determine a singular patient’s specific breathing patterns and automatically adjust ventilation levels according to that treatment recipient’s individual therapeutic needs.

The Future is Now

There is no stopping the advancement and improvement of biomedical equipment technology, and a key beneficiary of these advances is the modern medical ventilator. Companies like Philips Respironics and Vyaire/Carefusion/Pulmonetics are at the forefront of these innovations, manufacturing biomedical equipment that provides ventilation therapy for the modern age. Dozens of safeguards, ease of use for the modern medical professional, and the ability to create specialized treatment strategies for patients the world over makes modern biomedical technology companies uniquely suited to lead medical ventilation treatment into the future.

This is why Quality Medical Group is proud to be an authorized service center for Vyaire/Carefusion/Pulmonetics ventilators. We employ manufacturer-certified Respironics Trilogy technicians at our depot, ensuring expert and efficient troubleshooting and repairs for your biomedical equipment technology needs. If you’d like to arrange device services or rentals, do not hesitate to reach out and contact us today.

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