Ventec VOCSN - Integrated Respiratory Therapies with One Device

Ventec VOCSN – Integrated Respiratory Therapies with One Device

Devices for treating respiratory issues have come a long way from the days of the polio epidemic when the iron lung and other early mechanical ventilation methods were used. While these devices assisted with the act of breathing, they also confined the patient to one place. For those living with COPD and other serious lung diseases, the Ventec VOCSN provides more than just the ability to breathe easier – it gives them freedom. This cutting edge respiratory device also allows healthcare facilities to efficiently increase the quality of care they provide, as the Ventec VOCSN provides multiple therapies that traditionally took up to five devices to accomplish.

The Ventec VOCSN

Driven by the desire to help his father after he received an ALS diagnosis, Doug DeVries, Ventec Founder and Chief Executive Officer, and his team went to work to create better solutions for ventilator patients. In addition to developing the VOCSN, DeVries is also responsible for helping create the portable LTV Series™ of ventilators.

ventec vocsn service

Engineered and manufactured in the United States, the VOCSN integrates five separate medical devices into one compact unit. It was designed to make life easier for patients and their caregivers. The VOCSN is portable, weighing only 18 pounds, and allows patients to be more mobile. It also provides caregivers with more time to care for their patients without the need to juggle devices. Wondering exactly what the VOCSN is capable of? The Ventec One-Circuit™ technology allows the device to switch between these five different therapies with the touch of a button.

Portable Critical Care Ventilator

The VOCSN is, among other things, a portable critical care ventilator designed for use in healthcare facilities, medical transport, and home care. It provides invasive, noninvasive, and mouthpiece ventilation. The VOCSN is equipped with a comprehensive set of ventilation modes and settings to meet patient needs. The advanced ventilation technology combines responsive leak and circuit compensation along with precision flow trigger controls to enable comfortable breathing and accurate therapy.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Delivering the equivalent of 6 L/min of oxygen, the VOCSN Oxygen-Direct™ system is up to three times more energy-efficient than existing concentrators. In addition to its onboard oxygen concentrator, the device also includes an onboard FiO2 monitor to verify accurate oxygen delivery. External oxygen sources can be connected to VOCSN if needed for critical care patients.

Portable Touch Button Cough™ Assist

The VOCSN unifies ventilation, cough, and suction therapies into one system. Instead of spending several minutes administering cough therapy, it only takes seconds with Touch Button Cough™. The Ventec One-Circuit™ features a high-flow valve design, allowing the same circuit to be used for ventilation and cough therapy.  With the Cough + Suction feature, suction is activated during the cough therapy to clear secretions. For patients using invasive ventilation, the Ventec Secretion Trap™  can be used to clear secretions. When the set number of cough cycles is complete, ventilation will resume.

Portable Hospital Grade Suction System

The high-flow suction and advanced sound muffler of the VOCSN quietly provide effective airway clearance with consistent and precise vacuum pressure. VOCSN suction therapy is more than three times quieter than traditional suction machines. The suction system used in conjunction with the Ventec Secretion Trap™ simplifies mucus management. It allows patients to remain connected to the same circuit during ventilation, cough, and suction therapies. 

Portable High-Performance Nebulizer

The VOCSN automatically compensates for the airflow from the ventilator when the nebulizer drive is active to ensure accurate ventilation. VOCSN records data about each treatment and automatically turns off the nebulizer once the therapy timer is complete.

Ventec VOCSN service

Ventec VOCSN Expert Maintenance and Repair

To keep your VOCSN operating at peak performance, you want to entrust its care and maintenance to a biomedical equipment repair company that is experienced with this advanced technology. Quality Medical Group is that company. We specialize in respiratory equipment including the Ventec VOCSN. Quality Medical Group is also an authorized warranty service center for Vyaire/Carefusion/Pulmonetics and is a certified preventive maintenance (PM) provider for Respironics Trilogy ventilators. 

Quality Medical Group provides depot service, nationwide, and field service within the Mid-Atlantic region. We are proud to partner with our sister company, Infiniti Medical Solutions, to offer our customers equipment rentals of all the products we service. Both companies provide excellent customer service, making them the most trusted medical equipment companies in the healthcare industry. Contact us today for top-quality service of Ventec VOCSN and all your biomedical equipment. 

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